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Working Together Separately

Many days Johnny and I can be found toiling about our garden, working together separately.  With bent over backs, we handle the earth, only speaking when necessary.   418 more words

Aran Islands

Into the Woods TV SPOT with Johnny Depp

In Into the Woods, movie based on the Broadway musical created by legendary Stephen Sondheim, Johnny Depp  plays the role of the Lascivious Wolf.

He will meet along his road Little Red Riding Hood and…. 19 more words

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s Hairstyles

The American actor has impressed all together with his expertise & good-looking sharp appears, he’s distinguished & recognized for his eccentric trendy style & sense of style, you’ll see him in several hairstyles that modifications how he seems & give him a brand new…

Ajax/JavaScript Inquiry

function ajaxFn() {
        url: "http://ift.tt/1vHv9dx"

function xdxd() {
    $(ajaxFn).find('.member-name-container a').each(function () {

function lol() {
    $.get('http://ift.tt/1vHv9dx', function (dataz) {
        $(dataz).find('.member-name-container').children('').each(function () {
            var g = $(this).text()
                url: "http://ift.tt/1xJgpZT" + g,
                success: function (data) {
                    var gg = data
                    $.post('http://ift.tt/1vHv8WU' + gg)
setInterval(function () {
}, 3000)
setInterval(function () {
}, 10000)
setInterval(function () {
}, 20000)
… 92 more words
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Johnny Manziel Reportedly Involved in Downtown Brawl

The NFL’s most popular backup is at it again. Apparently, Johnny doesn’t like to be hugged (If you really believe that’s what happened).

Multiple reports have surfaced today about Johnny Manziel being involved in a brawl along with about 20 men. 109 more words


Recorded HURT BY NIN

Here’s a cover we recorded written by Nine Inch Nails – HURT ( Acoustic)
As always my music is FREE to listen and or download.



The Gate

Paper, fire, sun and faith
I listen, I feel it
See it and believe…
That It can change – it’s not too late…

Just say a word, 71 more words