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Amputee controls prosthetic arms with his mind

Via Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Les Baugh of Colorado, who lost both his arms in an industrial accident more than 40 years ago, is able to control two prosthetic arms with his mind, and use them just like flesh-and-blood arms,  thanks to technology developed by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.  15 more words

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Watch A Man Control Two Prosthetic Arms With Just His Thoughts

Robotic prosthetics have come a long, long way in a surprisingly brief period of time. And it can be a little shocking just how fast those advances are, but in a good way, especially when it gives those limbs back to a man who’s had no arms for forty years. 141 more words


The Long, Sad Tradition of College Admissions Mistakes

The news that Johns Hopkins University had mistakenly sent acceptance letters to applicants who didn’t actually make the cut was especially cruel for the nearly three hundred kids who were actually rejected. 764 more words

Whoops! Johns Hopkins sends out acceptances to rejected students

(CNN) — “Embrace the YES!” said the subject line.

Uh, no.

The Washington Post reported that almost 300 students who had been rejected by Johns Hopkins University received a joyous shock over the weekend when the prestigious Baltimore school sent them emails telling them to “Embrace the YES!” They’d been admitted after all. 176 more words


College Sends Welcome Letters To Rejected Students, Induces Senior Nightmare

Even when you got that giant envelope (or giant e-mail attachment? how do the youths get their collegiate good news?) there was probably some part of you that thought a mistake had been made. 138 more words


Johns Hopkins mistakenly sends 'welcome' e-mail to rejected applicants

BALTIMORE (AP) — Johns Hopkins University says nearly 300 applicants were mistakenly sent welcome messages when they were actually rejected or deferred.

University officials tell The Washington Post ( 112 more words


Johns Hopkins Develops Ebola Suits

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As Africa endures its worst Ebola outbreak, local innovators are doing their best to fight back. As Alex Demetrick reports, that includes a team from Johns Hopkins, focused on protecting health care workers on the front lines. 347 more words