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Think about what you want

I’ve met soldiers that have joined the military without any thought to what it is they want to achieve. The first step in being able to have choice of doing what you want is to ace your ASVAB test. 412 more words

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Merry Christmas

To all my brothers and sisters still serving I wanted to say Merry Christmas. All of your sacrifices away from your families are appreciated. Missed birthdays, holidays and Christmas’s are all necessary to protect what you love the most … your families back home. 167 more words

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Considering the military?

This is one of the most important decisions you have to make next to deciding what your going to do. Sometimes if you know what job you want that will help you decide what branch of service to join. 252 more words

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U.S. Air Force DEP finally!


What a life changing event I partook in this week. On Thursday, I just took my first oath of enlistment for the U.S. military. For five years, the thought of joining the military had always crossed my mind. 842 more words

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