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It’s been so long since I’ve played with balloons. Today we let our little inner child out just for a wee moment of joy.

Pope's blessing.

The Pope was finishing his sermon.

He ended it with the Latin phrase, “Tuti homini” – Blessed be mankind.

A women’s rights group approached the Pope the next day. 87 more words


Somebody With Imagination

Several weeks after a young man had been hired, he was called into
the personnel director’s office. ‘What is the meaning of this?’ the
director asked. 41 more words

Clean Jokes

Chasing Happiness

I gave up chasing happiness,
So I pegged it with a shotgun from forty yards.
It tasted pretty good in soup.


Broken Pencil

Why shouldn’t you write with a broken pencil? Because it’s pointless. Have a great Monday!


Movin' ain't easy..

So moving a house takes a lot of time and energy. I had to take a few weeks off to attend to some house moving. Now that I’m back I’ve done, what.. 429 more words