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Did Someone Say Halloween?

Halloween is my favorite time of year; haunted houses, dressing up, candy, what more could you need? Most teenage girls and young women dress up in minimal clothing for Halloween, but I’ve never been the girl who dresses provocatively, and this holiday is no exception for me. 142 more words


The NaNoWriMo fence

Okie Dokie! So I’ve been in a bit of a reading funk… mainly due to going back to school. I’m doing relatively well in my classes so YAY! 357 more words


Thursday's Riddle (10/23/14)

Here are two questions each using three threes
I’m sure you’ll solve them with relative ease.
Three plus three plus three always equals nine
Or three thirty-three if placed in a line. 37 more words

Brain Teaser

Ebert's Critique of Batman The Dark Knight

Batman The Dark Knight has been one of my absolute favorite movies since its release in summer of 2008. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie re-defines the idea of a comic book being brought to life by theatre production. 260 more words

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Hi , yeey i present to you  ” JOKER ” ,  thanks you :D

Adobe Illustrator

Halloween - Part 1

I called this post ‘Halloween -Part 1′ under the assumption there will be other parts… although I am not entirely sure how many parts there may be. 116 more words