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Joke time p. 22

Donald Trump will reportedly sell his casinos if his bid to buy the Buffalo Bills football team is accepted. When asked about it, he said he’s just “looking for a whole new pool of employees to fire.” 


Mr. Akpos

Akpos and Mary were both
patients in a
mental hospital. One day while
they were
walking along then hospital’s
swimming pool, Mary
jumped into the deep end. 147 more words


Joke time p. 21

Longtime Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully will return for a record-breaking 66th season in the booth next year. For their part, the Dodgers have already started apologizing in advance to everyone for everything the 86-year-old will say.


Joke time p. 20

The singer Chubby Checker has settled a lawsuit with tech company HP after he accused them of using his trademarked name without permission on their penis-measuring app. 14 more words


Jokes; Akpos and Ekaite

Akpos and Ekaitte got married.

Akpos was a “man about town”
so to speak,but Ekaitte was very
naive and uninformed about the
birds and the bees. 234 more words