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Sick martial-artist bear from China.

Gavin: What do you call a sick martial-artist bear from China?
Kevin: Beats me.
Gavin: “Kung-flu panda!”


Tickled Pink

Clump #190:  Recycle shredder, CD’s and cord.  Reframe old photo.

Today I took a break from the clumps in our son’s bedroom.  With all the paper purging I’ve been doing, we’ve had a casualty.   333 more words

Big Top, Big Mouth

A man walked into a circus tent. On second thought, it was a woman, with a beard. Then again, it might have been a sentient beard that looked like a woman who looked like a man. 109 more words

Whoa yeah, me hears a predator drone nearby, kids, now watch closely and witness your Grandma righteously take out da trash!

“Ugh, there goes your senile grandma off fisting again!”
“Geez, don’t knock it, dude, it’s certainly a whole helluva lot better around here in the middle of nowhere than back at our village square!” … 195 more words