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Only joking

One day in my 8th grade science lab, a kid pulled the chair out from under another as he was in the process if sitting down. 187 more words


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Live a Little...won't you

We are a society of whiners.

I know; I’m sorry; I’m an asshole.

But I’m saying it because nobody is saying it. All anyone is saying is how offended they are by this or that. 916 more words


Walking and chewing bubble gum, yeah right!

Ok.  Where do I begin?  In a prior post, I mentioned starting therapy to walk.  Last Wednesday (October 15) I was evaluated by Janet. She checked the strength in my leg, hip and buttock.   924 more words

Why I'm not a badass (and don't want to be)

In my newsfeed and my inbox, I get lots of invitations to courses, where I can “unleash my inner badass” or “become a badass whatever”.  I’m starting to cringe. 398 more words


Best reason not to joke about #Ebola on a plane.... to avoid a Hazmat greeting party #video

A man who joked about being from Africa and having Ebola on a flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic was removed from a USAirways plane upon arrival by officials in HAZMAT suits. 78 more words


It's Monday, you could use some jokes (16 photos)

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