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Just Joking Around As Usual

After three months I’m still posting a joke or two a day as my status update on Facebook. I’ve read through a passel of really lame ones to winnow out a few chuckle worthy ones to share. 696 more words


My Daily Piece of Ridiculous Advice (5)

Don’t open doors for other people. It makes them feel like they have to run through the door or look down awkwardly at the floor while you wait for them. 43 more words


Ode: To Not Really Liking Lists

1) I know as I’m writing the list out, I will forget something
2) I know I will probably lose the list
4) wait, what happened to 3? 135 more words


My Daily Ridiculous Advice (1)

Avoid the person you’re trying to break up with at all costs. Eventually after a month of not seeing you, I’m sure they’ll take the hint. 35 more words


Of Carlin, Man Caves, and Voting Power

Two cats,
One dog,
Two growing up loud kids
And a basement full of stuff

A big space
Potentially the quiet dome
A bottle of margaritas… 66 more words