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Walking and chewing bubble gum, yeah right!

Ok.  Where do I begin?  In a prior post, I mentioned starting therapy to walk.  Last Wednesday (October 15) I was evaluated by Janet. She checked the strength in my leg, hip and buttock.   924 more words

Why I'm not a badass (and don't want to be)

In my newsfeed and my inbox, I get lots of invitations to courses, where I can “unleash my inner badass” or “become a badass whatever”.  I’m starting to cringe. 398 more words

Best reason not to joke about #Ebola on a plane.... to avoid a Hazmat greeting party #video

A man who joked about being from Africa and having Ebola on a flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic was removed from a USAirways plane upon arrival by officials in HAZMAT suits. 78 more words


It's Monday, you could use some jokes (16 photos)

Thanks for submitting original awesome/hilarious photos! Click HERE to upload your images or send to theBERRYsubmitgmailcom 9 more words


To rob the cradle

It’s said to someone who marry or have relations with a person who is much younger than him/her.

CATALAN  Ser un empaitajoves / Ser un follanius

SPANISH  Ser un asaltacunas


To be no spring chicken

When someone isn’t so small to do something, he/she isn’t already innocent.

CATALAN  No ser ja cap nen/a

SPANISH  No ser ningún/a niño/a


To shut your cake hole

To shut up.

CATALAN  Ficar-se la llengua al cul

SPANISH  Cerrar el pico