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tongue status

Tongue in cheek is good. Tongue in check is better.


And So It Begins... (Let's Just Stay Kids Forever)

You know something they don’t tell you when you’re a little kid, free of worry and full of hope (assuming you weren’t born in the heart of Africa–you guys are exempt)?  334 more words


Joke Time!

Once you’ve broken your spine, there’s no turning back.

Playing Around for Real

Sometimes, when people are very comfortable with one another, they will banter back and forth with each other. They volley jokes back and forth but, at times, those jokes have an undertone that exposes the very things that most trouble the banterers. 443 more words


I Still Suck, Who The Hell Cares

I have always had an affinity for artists. It didn’t matter what kind of artist as long as they were producing art. Art to me is anything made by someone be it music, paintings, poetry, costumes or whatever. 572 more words


Big Brother 16 Audition Tape

Hi guys,
Big Brother has always been one of my favorite shows. This is my last summer before I start working my career. I auditioned to be on the upcoming season of Big Brother 16. 48 more words

4.2.14 dream haiku - What the hell?! Wednesday

If your sex life
is so funny, why isn’t
Bill Murray joking?