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The Definitive Ranking Of Every Jolly Rancher Flavor

The argument of which Jolly Rancher flavor is best has been debated for decades. Lives have been lost and blood has been spilled in pursuit of the truth. 702 more words

9/26/14- "Hi, I'm the Pepsi intern!"

So today was not a terribly long day at the internship! I went in to see that Kasey was the only one from our area there today, she was about to get on a phone call when I walked in. 326 more words

City settles with Brooklyn men arrested by NYPD cops who confused Jolly Rancher candies for crystal meth

EXCLUSIVE: With their $33,000 payday, plaintiffs Love Olatunjiojo, Omar Ferriera and Jimmy Santos no longer have a sour taste in their mouths over the trippy busts last year in Coney Island. 621 more words


NYPD shells out $33K after cops mistake Jolly Ranchers for meth

BROOKLYN, NY – Three Brooklyn men will get a sweet settlement paycheck, compliments of the city.

The situation started when cops mistook Jolly Ranchers for meth and arrested the men. 134 more words


NYC Pays Out $33,000 In Settlement After Police Mistake Jolly Ranchers For Meth

In a country enamored with a show about two guys making bright blue methamphetamine, it’s no wonder New York City policemen might’ve had drugs on the brain. 252 more words