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Jomo Kenyatta and the Texas Longhorns

Jomo Kenyatta, father of the Kenyan nation and its first president, shook my hand on a beautiful seaside morning in December, 1967. I was out for a stroll, dressed neatly for a change, and feeling as spiffy as the bright equatorial morning. 838 more words

*Nehru:  The Measure of a Man

Five decades after his death, Jawaharlal Nehru still generates passions among Indians who are animated by questions over the country’s future.  Writing from my perch in Los Angeles, I do not, for example, see anything remotely resembling the buzz about Nehru in American discussions about John F. 1,153 more words

Global Politics

#WhoWeAreKE - Home is Where You Are At Peace

The artist is mother of 11. She is Borana and was born in Nakuru. She works and lives in Eastleigh.

“To Somalis HIV/AIDS wasn’t for them.

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Body Mapping The Kenyan Identity

Uhuru Kenyatta Vs Jomo Kenyatta - Funny Cartoon | @VibeBlissMag

This picture has made me laugh like a person high on something illegal. We must agree that Jomo and his son look similar physically and actually even in character. 15 more words


Vexations to the spirit

The girl was what the poem would call a ‘vexation to the spirit.’ Before and after classes, during that transition period when we are waiting for the teachers, she would go around the classroom and talk to her friends. 337 more words


THE LIFE AND DEATH OF JOMO KENYATTA (photography.a24media.com)

Jomo Kenyatta signing in as Kenyas first president at State House 1963

President Jomo Kenyatta salutes during the national anthem

Jomo Kenyatta inspecting a parade… 232 more words


Man, be a Man!!

When i was a boy, culture dictated upon us that there would come a time when we must leave our boyhood theatrics and innocence behind to drink at the table of men. 1,151 more words