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A Fistful of Zombies: The Walking Dead

Spoilers Within

For someone who bases their livelihood on knowing crap about pop culture, The Walking Dead was a considerable blind spot in my knowledge. Up until last month, that is: after attempting to start the series twice before, the show finally grabbed me from the first episode and I’m now very nearly caught with what was once one of the best shows on televsion. 1,132 more words



The Raging Bull versus the Italian Stallion or Jake La Motta versus Rocky Balboa.
These were probably the tag-line pitches that had the execs seeing dollar signs and foaming at the mouth (cos that’s how they roll). 423 more words


film review - Grudge Match

Well, this is embarrassing. Here are two old icons cashing in on former glory in a movie that just doesn’t work: it’s not funny, it’s clichéd and there’s only one performance in here that merits watching. 490 more words


Coming Down

Me and the family spent Saturday in Louisville for Wizard World’s Comicon.  It was such a great experience to share things that both Tony and I love, especially with the little guy.   236 more words

The Wolf of Wall Street

Rating: 3.8/5 Stars

Martin Scorsese creates yet another movie that revolves around characters who are responsible for large sums of money and power. The Wolf of Wall Street… 221 more words