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Logan Lerman, David Ayer On The 'Fury' Of Battle - Video

Battle leaves “a fingerprint…on the soul,” says writer/director David Ayer, a military veteran from a family of military veterans, talking in this video above about what he was trying to capture in  98 more words

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Fury (2014)

David Ayer has impressed me twice. Training Day and End of Watch both worked like fucking gangbusters. The latter especially made me excited because here was a writer really stepping behind the camera and proving his worth as a director. 156 more words

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Film Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

It’s a brave move to make a movie where your protagonist is a total douche and doesn’t have a redemptive story arc, as you’re asking the audience to buy come along for a ride with someone they dislike, and may actually want to get busted. 968 more words

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Movie Review: Fury (2014)

David Ayer is a guy who’s made some good movies, some bad movies and some okay movies. He started of his career as a screen-writer writing scripts for action movies like ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and ‘Training Day’. 427 more words

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Fury - Best War Film in Years

“It will end, soon. But before it does, a lot more people got to die.”

The first film I saw at the cinema was Saving Private Ryan. 562 more words

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Costo mucho ver “Fury”, si bien esta llena de acción, hay momentos que no van a ningún lado y no se entiende que quiere. No es hasta llegar a los últimos 40 minutos donde todo cierra. 267 more words



Columbia/QED Ent. (2014) 134 min. R

Director: David Ayer Screenplay: David Ayer

Cinematography: Roman Vasyanov; Editing: Jay Cassidy & Dody Dorn

Production Design: Andrew Menzies; 5,807 more words

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