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Eastern seaboard

I’ve always loved the phrase “Eastern seaboard.” It sounds so official… so military… yet, so nuclear attack.

You only really ever hear the phrase in movies or television shows, and when you do, it’s usually because something big is going down on the Eastern seaboard. 176 more words

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I was in Atlanta this past week with two co-workers. On our way to the hotel after our meetings, I took a quick detour for a donut run (this really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone). 271 more words

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It's not a good user experience if you have to tell me how to use it

I recently received this pop up when I visited the US Bank website:

This reminded me of a request we received once while doing marketing for the Wisconsin State Journal. 146 more words

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If you want something, ask for it

That advice sounds pretty obvious. If you want something, ask for it.

But I’m amazed at how often that either doesn’t occur to people, or they’re simply too afraid to do it. 493 more words

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A small sample of complex problem solving

This is just one example of the kinds of problems we encounter and solve every day at work.

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Considerate means thinking of others

I work in a company of roughly 90 people. Between us, we have one refrigerator for people to store their lunches for the day.

In my two years here, I think I’ve used it about three times. 455 more words

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