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A Sane Republican

Last evening, one of the few sane GOP public figures spoke in Philadelphia. John Huntsman, former Governor, Ambassador, and candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination gave an untypical GOP talk, untypical especially for anyone who might want to seek higher elected office. 515 more words


Just Say Thanks

Each week, I make handwriting letters one priority. To donors, with big gifts and small gifts, known and unknown, I send a handwritten note. I try to, as well, send at least one handwritten note to someone I read about in a magazine, book, or article. 405 more words

Donor Communications

Bill Gates to Meet with 80 Senators at Capitol

On Thursday evening, the group No Labels Foundation will be sponsoring a meet-up between Bill Gates and some 80 senators, as well as New York Times quasi-conservative columnist David Brooks. 66 more words

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