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Is Mindfulness A Religion?

My idea to explore the question ‘is Mindfulness A Religion’ came to me because of some fevered listener responses to a recent CBC Radio 1 show hosted by Anna Maria Tremonti ( 832 more words


Definition of the Day: "Meditation"

I have read and heard many definitions of “meditation” in my time, but the one below strikes me as perhaps the best. It captures the core aspects of meditation, so that by committing the definition to memory you are internalizing a simple way of reminding yourself what you are to be doing when doing that thing called meditating. 220 more words


Quoted from Jon Kabat-Zinn

My working definition of mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention on purpose in the present moment — non-judgmentally.

Celebrating Another Milestone, or Just Another Excuse for More Champagne

Posted by Judy Moon

We recently celebrated our one year anniversary of the Wellness Seed blog. I am super excited about that and very proud of stepping our of the box and doing something that I didn’t think I could do. 468 more words

Start all over again

Tomorrow I’m joining an eight week mindfulness course having not managed to develop mindfulness within myself through using the book. I am strangely tenacious about any injustice or unfairness relating to others, sometimes about their actions towards me, but I soon let things slip that need me to be kind to myself.   219 more words

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