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Mindfulness for Beginners: Reclaiming the Present Moment - and Your Life (Kabat-Zinn)

I admit to catching the wave a bit in terms of mindfulness. I’m eager to explore more of the mindfulness for teachers and for classrooms work. 58 more words


Welcome to Your New Body

I was recently diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse. I won’t go into exactly what that means, but suffice to say, some of my organs aren’t where they used to be. 599 more words

Jon Kabat Zinn

Meditation is that weird voodoo crap right?


‘Mindfulness’ is a word I’ve heard ample of times, but never truly understood what it was referring to. My ignorance convinced me that it had a lot to do with that weird voodoo crap, associated with symbols and planet alignments. 834 more words

60 minutes "does" mindfulness

Anderson Cooper brought an attitude of measured curiosity to what has become a feverish marketing of “mindfulness”. Making the effort to actually experience mindfulness training with Jon Kabat-Zinn lent an air of authenticity to his reporting. 143 more words


Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

In the past, I did not consider myself a fan of yoga or meditation. I would much rather take on an activity with a lot more “doing” such as going for a run, swimming, playing hockey, or weight training. 790 more words

Music: From Multitasking to Mindfullness

Who’s with me here: Thanksgiving has just passed, the holidays are coming, lists of to-dos are growing, your mind is racing in all directions, working is accumulating, time is disappearing and stress is building…ah yes, the holiday season has arrived. 513 more words

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