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insomnia, roller coasters and panic attacks.

Its late and I should be asleep but I cannot. This dilemma is amplified throughout the anxiety cathedral that is my brain due to my keen awareness of the unfortunately small window of time between the present moment and the moment my alarm clock will sound in the morning. 1,035 more words

down under

turn over the rock

of impatience and you will

find an angry worm

Yoga And Addiction


the art of conscious

living.  heartfulness.  your

deepest nature flows


Yoga And Addiction


arises from non-doing,

letting go of the results.

greediness distorts.

Yoga And Addiction

Subtle Mind Drishti: How To Use Focal Points In Yoga

Yummy Yoga

Using a focal point, a drishti, in a yoga practice is something that to a beginning student or new yoga teacher may seem pointless and fussy. 703 more words


Just give me some peace!

Do you get like this? Does it all get to you, the media images, bad news mongers, advertisers clamoring for your money, relatives wanting something from you, weirdos following you on social media, co-workers, neighbors, your partner, kids, parents or siblings draining you? 225 more words

Children Can Benefit From Mindfulness

Considering all the stresses children experience, I am certain that children can benefit from Mindfulness.

Children can benefit from Mindfulness in many of the same ways adults benefit. 1,037 more words