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A few years back I took a ten week course in Positive Psychology taught by Tim LeBon.

This most recent branch of psychology (founded by Martin Seligman in 1998), studies the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. 281 more words


Meditation and the Lesson of Non-Striving

For the past eight weeks, I’ve been part of a group gathering on Tuesday nights to learn what mindfulness and meditation can do for our brains, stress level, relationships and ultimately our sense of happiness. 591 more words

Life Coaching

The most important thing

is not to let yourself be bored. Or not…

“The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Personally, I would go as far as saying that boredom is the greatest gift and curse humanity ever faced.

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Sharing the love

This week I’ve been researching the use of mindfulness as a way of alleviating stress at work.

Jon Kabat Zinn is the ‘western master’ of mindfulness and has designed an 8 week programme, called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) that is getting increasing recognition in the academic world. 251 more words

Why Mindfulness teachers go on retreat

Why go on Retreat?

Great question! As a certified MBSR teacher and teacher trainer – for the UMASS CFM and a mentor for the UCSD MBTI, I get asked this question more and more. 481 more words

Why go on retreat?

by Beth Mulligan

Beth Mulligan is a co-founder of Mindful-Way Stress Reduction Programs, which offers MBSR and other mindfulness based interventions and retreats through out Southern California, nationally and internationally. 651 more words


Secret about Meditation

Today, right now, I’m going to share with you a secret behind the complex idea of meditation. Meditation is commonly known for so many benefits such as relaxation, stress reduction, and even pain management. 449 more words