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Session at ACE (31st July 2014)

In this session I went through the following worksheet with the class:

Beyond Automatic Pilot

What is Automatic Pilot?

The most common examples of being on automatic pilot are: 433 more words


Wherever You Go

In 1994, Jon Kabat-Zinn published the book with the wonderful title of ‘Wherever You Go, There You are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life.’ A very important book that spearheaded a resurgence of the awareness movement inspired by Ram Dass’s 1971 classic, ‘Be Here Now.’ 464 more words


Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Context: Past, Present, and Future


Great article about mindfulness written by this amazing author Jon Kabat-Zinn. Here are a list of his books if you are looking for reading recommendations on this topic:  22 more words


Feeling Better....Part 3 - Mindfulness

When I mentioned writing Part 3 in this series I said it would be on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.  I will touch on this subject, but I do not feel qualified to base my whole post on it.  2,199 more words

Chronic Illness


What do a 2,500 year-old monk and a modern-day ninth-generation military woman have in common? Besides some common thread of humanity, on the surface it may not seem like much. 1,285 more words


Fit for a change.

I’ve been working on changing the way that I live. The idea is to add value to my day by lessening the amount I put into my brain, and increasing the amount of work I expect from my body. 579 more words

Life & Love

Letting Go

Thank you Christine for placing this lovely quote in my path today.

“Letting go means just what it says. It’s an invitation to cease clinging to anything — whether it be an idea, a thing, an event, a particular time, or view, or desire. 82 more words

Self Analysis