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DOCTOR WHO Part 1: The Classic Series

Ah, here’s another one I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  Yes, DRPinney already writes about DOCTOR WHO on this site, but having recently gone through the franchise, I thought it was time to take a stab at this. 519 more words

General Nerdery

062 The Sea Devils

After galavanting off to the realm of Eternia (with the permission of the Time Lords) to save a young king from a mysterious bear-pig monster, the Doctor and Jo return to Earth and get caught up in yet another invasion plot complicated by the presence of the Master. 1,228 more words

Classic Doctor Who

8.2 - "The Mind Of Evil"

Stangmoor Prison is hosting experiments with a newly developed machine which can ‘cure’ criminals of their evil impulses. The Doctor and Jo go to observe it in action, whilst the Brigadier and UNIT have their hands full providing security for the first World Peace Conference. 501 more words

Doctor Who

061 The Curse of Peladon

I might as well just tell you right out of the gate: The Curse of Peledon is the Doctor Who episode with the alien that looks like a big, green penis. 1,650 more words

Classic Doctor Who

Doctor Who Figurine Collection: Cyberman (Nightmare in Silver), Omega, Vashta Nerada, Fourth Doctor and Slitheen

I’ve held out posting, as I received parts 16 and 17 (the Vashta Nerada and Fourth Doctor) before 14 and 15. The Emperor Dalek I’m still waiting on. 238 more words

Doctor Who

Unused Doctor Who Monsters (part three)

Here we go. I’m by no means the first to make this joke, as Google will testify,  but it really was too good an opportunity to miss. 553 more words

Doctor Who

Mutated Musings

After finishing Doctor Who: The Mutants for Friday Night Who (our weekly watch-along with commentary on Twitter) I just had to watch the “making of” documentary included on the DVD.   531 more words