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The author of The Abbott Proof Fence, Vivien Fleming, is not new blogging and has built the successful Doctor Who Mind Robber blog over the last 15 months. 170 more words

Doctor Who: 7 Reasons Why Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Shouldn’t Be Dark

General consensus says the Doctor should become darker, do these assumptions have any real reasons?


Ever since Scottish actor Peter Capaldi was revealed to be the lucky man who had the daunting, but exciting task of taking on the iconic role of the Doctor, everyone’s brains went into overdrive. 840 more words

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July 7 in history

1456 A retrial verdict acquitted  Joan of Arc of heresy 25 years after her death.

1534 European colonization of the Americas: first known exchange between Europeans and natives of the Gulf of St. 679 more words


8.4 - "Colony In Space"

The Time Lords discover that files on the extremely dangerous DOOMSDAY WEAPON have gone missing and decide the only person who can help them is The Doctor. 537 more words

Doctor Who

074 Planet of Spiders

There is no better a serial to close out the Pertwee Years than Planet of Spiders. I don’t say this because the story is particularly brilliant or memorable (after all, this is a Robert Sloman script), but for precisely the opposite reason: it is deeply flawed on numerous levels, but still remains entertaining. 2,258 more words

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073 The Monster of Peladon

Season Eleven is trending in the wrong direction. The Time Warrior is far from a classic (or even a great season opener), but it is at least competent and interesting — traits in increasing scarcity over the next three stories. 1,934 more words

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