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97 - The Monster of Peladon

I have enormous fondness for Jon Pertwee’s Doctor and thoroughly enjoy most stories he features in. Sadly, this adventure suffers not so much from inherent problems as paling in comparison to other great Pertwee classics, and being but a shadow of… 463 more words

James Chapman's Top Ten Classic Doctor Who Stories: Planet of the Spiders

James Chapman’s Top Ten Classic Doctor Who Stories
4. ‘Planet of the Spiders’

BBC1. 6 episodes: 4 May-8 June 1974.

Starring Jon Pertwee as ‘Dr Who’ and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane Smith. 1,690 more words

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Carnival of Monsters

What an exciting title! This serial of four episodes from 1973 is a sweet gem from the third doctor era, both cheesy and enjoyable we may look back on it with raised eyebrows at the special effects and costumes (For Vorg and his assistant it looks like someone let the sixth doctor design their costumes whilst drunk) but it is surprisingly well written and fun. 431 more words

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The Day I Met Dr. Who

One of the nicest memories I have of my late-father is standing in a queue with him, surrounded by empty Daleks, waiting to get Dr. Who’s autograph. 1,976 more words

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The Claws of Axos

The Claws of Axos is a third Doctor story broadcast in 1971, it features Roger Delgado as The Master alongside the ‘axons’ who at first seem to be harmless; offering the Earth a miraculous substance that could end world hunger. 469 more words

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Genesis of the Doctor

Darker is a word that is thrown at every sequel within a teen fantasy movie franchise. It started with Harry Potter, continued with Twilight and is currently being used to describe the Hunger Games series. 558 more words


Why Should I Watch Classic Who?

There is a big disparity between the episodes which started in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston, and those which belonged to the show before it was resurrected, collectively known as Classic Doctor Who.   696 more words

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