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Doctor Who Reaction: "Deep Breath"

(low spoilers, but I write assuming you’ve seen it — you may be confused otherwise)

The more I think about this episode, the more I realize I liked it. 1,137 more words

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All My Doctors -- Every "Doctor Who" Actor, Worst to Best

Doctor Who is all the rage now, but there once was a time when it was the kind of thing they’d show on PBS on Sunday nights for only the nerdiest of children (hi). 2,528 more words


8.5 - "The Dæmons"

There is an archaeological dig taking place in Devil’s End at the Bronze Age burial ground, the Devil’s Hump. A live outside broadcast is set up for BBC 3, but local inhabitants are being found dead and white witch Miss Hawthorne warns of great evil being unleashed when the dig takes place. 568 more words

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Top 3 Debut Stories

Deep Breath everyone! We’re about to/have had/are having (delete as appropriate for the time you actually read this) a newy new debut episode for a Doctor (Doctor Who) (Twelvey) (P-Cap). 347 more words

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My Autscape 2014 Art Workshop Creations

Hiya everyone, I had some lovely huggly fun at Autscape and shall be posting more about it on here. I am doing lots of MOOCs so first I am catching up with them then I can get more art done, I have lots of ideas flitting round my mind. 449 more words

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Pertwee Sings! The Babelcolour Noodle Doodle - YouTube

Jon Pertwee singing The Noodle Doodle Song – a flexi-disk from 1976

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Doctor Who: Rose (2005)

It’s been a funny few weeks in Doctor Who fandom! First we had some long-awaited trailers finally hit the airwaves, then the “leaks” happened. It seems somebody figured out how to access BBC worldwide servers in Florida, and discovered scripts and a few “screener” episodes left unsecured. 1,897 more words

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