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Dr Who Musings

I”ve been a Dr Who fan for as long as I can remember. When I was a child, we’d watch an episode every week day evening from Monday to Thursday on the ABC. 537 more words

111 - The Time Monster

I have only the haziest memories of first catching glimpse of this serial – my dad was watching it on UK Gold, who very helpfully liked to insert ad breaks into the middle of 25 minute episodes. 451 more words

Doctor Who: Foxes and other pop stars who have travelled in time and space

This week’s Doctor Who episode, Mummy on the Orient Express, features a cameo from pop star Foxes.

Not only that, the cheeky minx bangs out a tune but she’s not the first pop star to appear in Doctor Who; here are some of the more notable performances from the show’s history. 560 more words


The Loneliness of the Long Distance Time Traveller by Joanne Harris

Following his showdown with the Great One at the end of Planet of the Spiders, the Doctor is nearing the end of his third incarnation. 368 more words

Doctor Who

The Curator of Schlock #59: The House That Dripped Blood

The Curator of Schlock #59 by Jeff Shuster

The House That Dripped Blood

(Don’t spend the night there. You might die!)

Hey, it’s that time of year again, time for your illustrious Curator of Schlock to transform into The Curator of Shock! 772 more words


115 - The Claws of Axos

This is a post that is sure to cause controversy! At the end of my previous post I had averred that there was a pretender to the claim of “Worst Pertwee Story.” Now at this point certain stories may spring to mind ( 569 more words

Doctor Who DVD Review: The Claws of Axos Special Edition (It's, Like, Way Groovy, Man!)

Doctor Who during the early Seventies remains something of an anomaly. For a show that likes to mine its own past, going all the way back to its earliest episodes in the Sixties, it’s in some ways surprising. 1,331 more words

Doctor Who