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Jon Rappoport - The Ebola Covert Op: 30 Answers To “Who Benefits?” - 30 October 2014

“In any major covert op, there are always multiple objectives and levels of opportunity, and they are not wasted. The interesting thing is, 99.99% of the players who benefit don’t even realize the whole thing is a planned op.” 1,021 more words


Jon Rappoport - Dr. Craig Spencer: Ebola? Flu? Hospital Food ? Nothing? - 29 October 2014

Let’s see. Dr. Craig Spencer comes back from Guinea, where he’s been treating patients. In NYC, he takes the subway, he goes bowling, he eats at restaurants, he jogs. 610 more words


Jon Rappoport - Outside The Reality Machine - 29 October 2014

With very few exceptions, the history of philosophies and spiritual systems on this planet is the history of What Already Exists.

These varied systems may seek to probe behind the curtain, below the surface—but on whatever level they purport to operate, they are attempting to uncover ultimate Reality. 530 more words


Jon Rappoport - Ebola Hoax: The “Boomslang Snake Effect” - 28 October 2014

Is what I’m suggesting in this article “too far out?” Not at all. In fact, for some psychopaths it’s just another day at the office. 780 more words


Jon Rappoport - What Would The CDC Whistleblower Say Under Oath? - 27 October 2014

On August 27, CDC researcher William Thompson admitted, through his lawyer, Rick Morgan, that he and his co-authors committed egregious research fraud in 2004.

They exonerated the MMR vaccine, in a key published study, claiming it had no connection to autism—when it did. 595 more words


Jon Rappoport - Exit From The Matrix: Why Is Imagination Rejected? - 26 October 2014

Instead of being viewed as a core human power, imagination is usually relegated to the status of “a toy for children.”

Upon attaining the status of “mature adult,” a person is expected to offload remnants of imagination and get down to the serious business of living. 661 more words


Jon Rappoport - The Matrix Revealed: Victimized Or Inspired - 26 October 2014

When I was putting together my collection, The Matrix Revealed, I was acutely aware that people, when confronted by external power structures, often fall into a state of despair. 722 more words