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Daily Beast's Michael Tomasky: Dems don't need 'fetid' southern states

@JayCaruso Well as they say in the south @mtomasky sounds as happy as a dead pig in the sun. Bless his little ole heart.

— Todd (@DCToddM) …

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'I think he just lost his bowels': Oliver Willis shouldn't mess with Jonah Goldberg

.@laurakfillault @owillis they'd have to lobotomize me first to make it a fair fight

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) December 8, 2014

Ha! True story.

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Don't hold your breath: Will Jonah Goldberg get an apology from LA Times Opinion for UVA story?

Sally Kohn isn’t the only one being asked to apologize to National Review’s Jonah Goldberg:

Really, @latimesopinion? No apology yet to @JonahNRO for this? …

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'You are unbelievable'! When will Sally Kohn apologize to Jonah Goldberg for this?

Apologize? For what?

Oh, only this stunning piece of awfulness from earlier this week:

Though @sallykohn seems to take the prize for "stupid, regrettable takes" …

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Jonah Goldberg wonders: Has anyone asked Obama why Obamacare is unpopular

Honest question: Anyone know if Obama's been asked in last year or so "Why do you think Obamacare is still unpopular?"

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) …

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Obamacare's Verity Disparity

Increase demand for health care and reduce the cost of care… that was the the major thrust of the Obamacare sales job. It didn’t take an MIT economist to realize that the promise would be unattainable¬†without major steps to enhance the supply of medical care. 584 more words