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Who's in czarge here? Jonah Goldberg gets the ball rolling

Crap. Now we’ve got an Ebola Czar, too? It just keeps getting harder and harder to keep track of all this ineptitude. What we need is someone who can do it for us. 603 more words


The Philosophy Of Politics

Someone once described the philosophy of politics thusly:

Conservatives want to control sex.

Liberals want to control everything else.

Which may explain why the older one gets, the less liberal one becomes. 225 more words

Everything Ray

'Dear Bestie': Ace of Spades gives desperate Dems a taste of their own creepy medicine

Yeah … the Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their desperation anymore. With fundraising emails featuring headlines like “I need you” and “begging…BEGGING,” they’re throwing out their last shred of dignity in the hopes of getting sympathetic suckers to fork over a few bucks. 789 more words

US Politics

Jonah Goldberg

You guys may never have read his work, his columns, his commentary. But you should. First, he is screamingly funny. Maybe not so much if you’re so liberal the left-wing calls you radical, but otherwise? 360 more words

Jonah Goldberg