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'Is this for real?' See the DCCC's latest 'laughable and pathetic' attempt at gathering donations [photo]

Jonah Goldberg highlights the latest desperation-filled email blast from the DCCC.

DCCC: everything failed. http://t.co/7L4tL5sB6y
Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) August 31, 2014

@JonahNRO is that a joke?— …

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Hilarious desperation: Jonah Goldberg predicts upcoming Dem fundraising email headers

Fundraising emails on behalf of Democrat groups have reached the next level of desperation and creepiness.

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg shared a recent DCCC fundraising email and predicted future headers: 44 more words

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DCCC email: 'We're getting steamrolled by Karl Rove,' 'worst week so far'

OFA took the sweet/creepy route today with its fundraising mail, with “Barack Obama” telling recipients, “I need you.” If you thought that sounded desperate, you probably didn’t receive the email from the DCCC, with the all-caps header, “ACCEPT DEFEAT.” 268 more words

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'Tweet of the day!' Could this be the reason for Obama's frequent golf outings?

Jonah Goldberg thinks Obama stopping his golf outings now would be pointless, and here is Iowahawk’s response:

@JonahNRO It's like an episode of the Twilight Zone – the man who was forced to golf FOREVER— …

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Boston Herald Goes to Town on Ferguson Coverage

The local dailies occupy parallel universes today in their coverage of the ongoing violence/protest in Ferguson, Mo.

Yes, both have editorial cartoons mirroring the unrest in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting. 104 more words

Pure evil! Jonah Goldberg crushes idea of putting ISIS 'in context' with shattering truth

After the unfathomably evil news of brutal savagery by ISIS, who reportedly barbarically beheaded journalist James Foley, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg sought to immediately squash any ludicrous attempts by the morally bankrupt to put ISIS “in context.” 348 more words

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