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In my USA Today column this week, I argued that Barack Obama is indisputably good at one thing: Getting elected president of the United States. 794 more words


'You Can't Be On The Wrong Side of History. History Does Not Actually Take Sides'

The Most Bullying Argument in Politics

Is it just me? Or is everybody in the media stealing ideas from Jonah Goldberg these days? I’m not suggesting… 588 more words


It made me think and it made me grin. Two good reasons to read.

“Vote first, ask questions later” is not a mantra of good citizenship. It’s a marketing strategy designed to reward politicians for voters’ ignorance.

Jonah Goldberg…

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Louisiana Senate runoff to be settled Dec. 6, hopefully by 'ancient Cajun rules'

The pundits considered it likely that the race for Louisiana Senate would head to a Dec. 6 runoff, and none of the candidates there reached the 50 percent threshold to avoid it.  307 more words

Election Day 2014

Jonah Goldberg loving how MSNBC brags about 'Morning Joe' beating CNN; Fox anyone?

Why is National Review’s Jonah Goldberg watching MSNBC on election night? For the same reason we’re all watching MSNBC tonight: their tears are delicious. Funny thing when you watch MSNBC, though, is that you see their promos and what the sky looks like in their world. 180 more words


If you thought Jonah Goldberg's MSNBC tear-inspired term was fantastic, you'll love THIS one

Heh. How delicious will the tears be over at MSNBC tonight? So yummy that they deserve their own term. As Twitchy readers know, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg came up with this gem: 98 more words