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Malcolm in the Middle

Last week, the journalism blog Our Bad Media accused the author Malcolm Gladwell of lapses in reporting that it alleged fell just short of plagiarism. In multiple instances, Gladwell took details in his pieces for… 923 more words


Jonah Lehrer Quote.

Lehrer, J. (2012). Imagine: How creativity works. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


He's Baaack. The Ever-Buoyant Jonah Lehrer Bobs Up to the Surface Again

This was the lede in John Warner’s Just Visiting blog on Inside Higher Ed recently:

To the surprise of no one, disgraced journalist and serial bullshitter Jonah Lehrer is back.

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“Science has discovered that, like any work of literature, the human genome is a text in need of commentary, for what Eliot said of poetry is also true of DNA: ‘all meanings depend on the key of interpretation.’ What makes us human, and what makes each of us his or her own human, is not simply the genes that we have buried into our base pairs, but how our cells, in dialogue with our environment, feed back to our DNA, changing the way we read ourselves. 10 more words


Who Is Normal, Anyway? Part V

There is always some reason in madness

- Friedrich Nietzsche

V – What Does Work?

There are no simple fix-all cures, but there are techniques and tricks that can help. 568 more words


Words: The Final Frontier by Robyn Armstrong Bowles

Without a doubt, of all the singers today, I have to say that Robyn Armstrong Bowles is my favorite. Her instrument is so pure and I am so consumed with envy whenever I hear her sing live or after I listen to one of her albums I say to myself, Barbra Streisand, don’t bother, there is no need for your interpretation. 541 more words