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Hi friends!

The past year may have seemed like a game of “Where’s Waldo?” if you were trying to keep track of what was happening in our lives.

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Salvation comes from the Lord

Brace yourselves. This is a doozy.

Jonah 2:9-3:3
The very last part of v. 9 is Jonah proclaiming with great enthusiasm that “salvation comes from the Lord!” and the very next verse – so in my mind this is like the very next moment after Jonah makes this proclamation and means it! 1,053 more words

Jesus Christ

Ebbing away

Y’all know I cannot just do a lesson in one post so here is the second part to “Accountability in Prayer”

He wants us to go the source of wisdom (James 1:5, 1 Corinthians 2:5), the Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 19:11, John 14:16) instead of trying to do it on our own…because we will fail epically every time (Romans 3:23). 717 more words

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Accountability in prayer

Let’s move onto Jonah’s prayer.
Jonah 2:1-4
From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the Lord his God. 2 He said:
“In my distress I called to the Lord, 902 more words

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Broken Hearts

Do the things that break God’s heart break my heart?

The question just sat on my heart after Sunday’s message. My honest answer was “no.” The question is so powerful and hits the nail on the head with Jonah and with me. 401 more words



“And there is hope in thine end, saith the LORD, that thy children shall come again to their own border. “

-Jeremiah 31:17

By the prophecy of Jeremiah it is confirmed that the end shall be better for you than the beginning. 284 more words


In your dark hour, here is the path to light

In the darkest hour of your most trying circumstance, will you praise God for all his mercies?

After three days in the belly of a great fish, Jonah was trapped at “the very roots of the mountains … imprisoned in the land of the dead,” yet he sang: 113 more words

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