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Gift Guide: Happy Home

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Home decor is an often overlooked gift category, but there are so many wonderfully creative options that you should definitely utilize some home gifts this year!   92 more words


Designing the Bar

Mad Men brought us back to the early days when gentlemen had their own bar in the office. That is a bit extreme and we shall not encourage drinking at work or drinking with no moderation. 392 more words


Happy Gifting ='s Happy Wifey

Fra la la la laaaa!

Let’s be honest, finding the perfect gift is crazy stressful- especially if you wait till the last minute.

Before you reach for that pre-boxed generic gift (I mean think about it, would you EVER buy that in June!?)- check out some gifts that I think will bring a huge smile to any Wifey’s* face. 265 more words

Stationery Giveaway

There are several things that bug me, okay, several million things, but one of them is the confusion between stationery and stationary. It isn’t too difficult to remember that stationery is envelopes and stationary means you are not moving, but it is something that some people just cannot get a handle on. 177 more words


Rebuking Crazy Talk on the Supreme Court

Remember Paul Krugman’s ridiculous comments¬†regarding the Supreme Court’s decision to grant certiorari in King v. Burwell? Justice Elena Kagan–no one’s idea of a right-wing jurist, of course– 717 more words