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As I sat in my den watching television, I remember being in awe of the massacre in Jonestown. I just couldn’t believe how one man (Jim Jones) could have so much power. 457 more words


PFF 2014: The Sacrament Review

Writer/director Ti West is quickly becoming one of the biggest faces in modern horror thanks to his success with House of the Devil and V/H/S… 843 more words

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My ant crack dealership

Bugs are so valuable to the ecosystem we live in. Wipe out a vector of that ecosystem, and the damage ripples through the rest of it. 1,377 more words

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Kool-Aid Flavors

  Life is all about choices.

Today, I got annoyed because I felt that some people I work with are choosing the wrong Kool-Aid flavor. The Kool-Aid reference is from the… 260 more words


Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows postcard

Bad screen shot of the Vistaprint postcards I’m *dying* to get! Must find these geeks who gave up on Dark Shadows fanfiction!

My account says they’re still processing. 27 more words

ANiJaN returns to Fountain City Open Mic

There were so many people there, all in a good mood, the place was swelling with positive energy! It felt great.

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