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Mamma Lovin'

So my mom is the best person you could imagine. I could have the worst day ever and she would have just as bad, but she would let me complain for hours on end about my awful day. 191 more words

Best Friend

Quote of the day: JONI


Miles Davis taught me how to sing. More and more I’m beginning to show what he taught me – pure straight tones holding straight lines. 133 more words

Quote Of The Day

Senator Joni Ernst To Give Response To State Of The Union

Freshman Republican Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst is supposed to give the response to the State of the Union address tonight.

Ernst ran as the far-right Tea Party candidate.

Kyle Kulinski

U.s. Politics

State of the Union

The State of the Union address is coming up fast. This is a chance for the President to make an impression on the American people, and try to sway them in his direction. 271 more words


Great Song(s) for a Rainy Day

“Here in Savannah  Memphis it’s pourin’ rain
“Palm trees in the porch light like slick black cellophane.

“Will you still love me when I get back to town?” 196 more words


Hell! I Just Realized It's ThrowBack Thursday

Oh, and Christmas….

Here is my Throwback:




“The masking tape tangles; it’s sticky and black….”

“She’s got all the wrong fuses and and splices….” 467 more words