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20 Nov 2014 Jung Joon Young's SimsimTapa + MC & JJY's Instagram Sun4Finger

Before anything else, what happened today in MCountdown?

So it’s real. After 9Months since Feb 27, today was JJY’s last emcee broadcast for Mnet’s MCountdown. I saw a fan message during lunch break and that’s how I knew – not from some other news. 636 more words

12 Nov 2014 Jung Joon Young's Simsimtapa (via video feed)

While listening I finished JJY’s blog rough translation request so I wasn’t paying attention much during the first hour. But I’m happy to see him as I missed this kid and I was surprised with his short short haircut…Wondering why he suddenly had to cut it when it’s cold and should be ok with the long curly hair…anyway, he still look handsome…but even more boyish… 465 more words


06 NOV 2014 Jung JoonYoung's SimsimTapa via Video feed

07 Nov Update: hahaha I just realized my date 06 Oct was wrong ~ it should be 06 Nov hahaha. I was pretty much sleepy when I did it after JJY’s SSTP. 236 more words

Completed: Jung Joon Young's 10 Asia Nov issue - 10+Star Magazine

I received a request from Trang Dang. It was a request made last Friday (24 Oct) but I was only able to see it today Monday night (27 Oct). 4,729 more words

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23 Oct 2014 Jung JoonYoung's SimsimTapa screencaps (via Video Feed)

DJ Yong with his guests

DJ Yong comes back from a short break. One sender said they missed him and would like to see him in person. 390 more words

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22 OCT 2014: Jung Joon Young Transformation into a Defiant High School Student

Because I woke up with this photo and liked it too, here’s some insights on what it is all about. First, let me do the intro from another article posted yesterday. 564 more words

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11 Oct 2014 JJY's FKK S2 Review Part 4

Part 1: http://wp.me/p4XYnl-b9

Part 2: http://wp.me/p4XYnl-c5

Part 3: http://wp.me/p4XYnl-ee

Part 4: Finally, the last part. To make it fast, it’s going to be less detailed. 1,901 more words

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