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I have been hearing the common loons on the lake for the past couple of weeks.
This morning I found 4 of them; the one to the left is a juvenile and the one to the right is an adult.



Savannah sparrow aglow in the mid-morning meadow light.


Jordan Lake eaglecam to be converted to a general wildlife cam

It looks like the eagle pair have decided not to return to the unfortunately collapsed nest from last year.  The Jordan Lake folks announced on their Facebook page today that they will be developing a general wildlife cam instead (they anticipate that eagles will be seen as well as other raptors and wildlife).  144 more words

Bald Eagle


Even against the grey sky the quick flash of the bright amber belly of a diving northern harrier is breath-taking.


find the hawk

find the hawk: winged camouflage as this immature red-tailed hawk flies through the autumn trees



These two northern harriers are almost mirror images -
the one in front is immature (female I think) and the one in back is a mature female.