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#jordan ~ Jordan is an Arab kingdom in Western Asia, on the East Bank of the Jordan River, and extending into the historic region of Palestine. 153 more words


يقول أحمد شوقي، مع شوية تعديل من عندي:
قم للمعلم وفه التبجيلا، كاد المعلم أن يكون….شحاتا!
إضراب المعلمين بصراحة، معهم حق بالكامل فيه، ولو نحن كدولة عنا شوية خجل، أصلاً ما بصير نخلي المعلم يوصل لهيك مواصيل، بتشحيته، لحد ما بطل يهتم لا بدراسة ولا ببطيخ، وصار همه يخلص الدوام علشان يلحق وظيفته الثانية، ولو ما عنده وظيفة ثانية، تفكيره مركز على نظرية كيلو اللحمة كم طبخة ممكن يعمل!؟


Competitive Amman Exploring: A New Olympic Sport

Scavenger hunts are awesome.

I’ll be honest here, I am the person you don’t want on your team if the game is dodgeball. Almost anything to do with throwing or catching balls is not my strong suite, and I don’t get worked up over it. 820 more words

Weird Things Happen to Weird People

Hordes of families with Northeastern lanyards and bouquets of balloons have infiltrated campus. It’s that time: Welcome Week. One week exactly until my fourth year at Northeastern begins. 1,113 more words


Royal box: His Airness now a member of Club Fed

NEW YORK (AP) – His Airness is now a member of Club Fed.

Michael Jordan was a special guest in Roger Federer’s courtside box at the U.S. 323 more words



Thought of The Night:

I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses – Johannes Kepler - 6 more words