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Hello everyone,

Hopefully you are having a good week.  As usual, let’s start with some random questions that have no real meaning whatsoever.

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News You Really Need To See: "Warily, Jordan Assists Rebels in Syrian War"

“Warily, Jordan Assists Rebels in Syrian War”

The New York Times, April 11, 2014, p.A1


“When rebels want to return to Syria to fight, Jordan’s intelligence services give them specific times to cross its border.   321 more words

News You Really Need To See

خطبة الجمعة - من أجل عالمنا العربي العظيم

خطبة الجمعة – من أجل عالمنا العربي العظيم
إستقيموا يا معوجين…..
هاي الجمعة كونها بعد يومين بيحتفلوا إخوانا المسيحيين بعيد الفطر المجيد، رح أدعي وأكرر جزء من القداس الألهي بخطبة الجمعة، كونها دعوة جميلة ممكن كلنا ندعيها في أوقاتنا هاي في كل عالمنا العربي مسلمين ومسيحين، ونقسم كقسم جبران، أن نكون موحدين، من أجل عالمنا العربي العظيم……..:


Jordan Brand Says New Sneaker Will Change The Sneaker Game Forever [Video]

Jordan brand announced the latest edition of the Jordan Sneaker collection. According to Nike the Air Jordan XX9′s which, which are set to hit the stores in September will revolutionize the sneaker game. 62 more words

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Red Sea Moments - Israel

Israel – A Holy Week Post

I received my big leatherbound Bible from my parents when I chose to be baptized at age twelve. It was an unexpected gift, given in a rare one-on-one moment with my parents, who had written our family lineage in the front pages of the book and then took the time to show me the built-in concordance and short commentaries on each passage. 868 more words

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