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Sculpting Myths: Yggdrasil

As promised, today I am sharing the next piece in my SCULPTING MYTHS series, YGGDRASIL: the Tree of Life.

Whether we speak of the Bodhi tree under which the Buddha sat, the tree(s) of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, the tree of life so central to the Celtic tradition; or those found in the mythologies of ancient Egypt, China, India and countless others, trees have played a major role in stories that seek to explain the world and our place in it. 228 more words


Sgraffito at The Henry Ford

With just under two weeks before I announce the next piece in my Sculpting Mythology series, I thought to share a technique from another part of my life that I have yet to discuss on this blog. 449 more words


Adela Dazeem Has Great Manners

So many OBTs tonight, I am beside myself.

Sculpting Myths: Mjölnir

Last year, I made the decision to walk away from several other ventures to concentrate on my sculpting and bring my vision for Jivotica to life.  265 more words


The Fragmented Journey

This week’s post is for creatives who struggle with multiple muses…

I used to wish I had only one great passion in my life – a single driving ambition. 536 more words