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DIY Denim Cutoffs

So, denim cutoffs are pretty self-explanatory. You take a pair of jeans, cut off the legs, and you’re left with perfect shorts, right? But if you’ve ever actually done this, you’ve probably been left with a ruined pair of jeans and shorts that are so terribly unflattering you just throw them away. 256 more words

Sustainable Fashion

SOMEr DIY Projects (get it? Some? Summer? I can wait until you start laughing)

1) Mosaic Tree/ Árbol mosaico 


2) Kissing Fish Necklace/ Collar de peces besando

3) Tie Dye Shorts/ Cortos de tie dye 


Working backwards– how to make the mosaic tree// instrucciones por el árbol; al revés


Jorts and Dead Fish: A Holiday Public Beach Experience

1. Jorts. .

2. You’ve heard of the rule that if it’s dead and you didn’t kill it, you shouldn’t touch it? You haven’t? Congrats, you aren’t the only one! 283 more words


Ready for the Flood

Why do bros where long shorts that basically look like capris or high-water pants? Don’t they know that just because the stone-wash imprint on the seat of the pants placed lowered than your butt doesn’t make the shorts look any weirder? 330 more words


Shades of Summer

Summer is finally here…well the 50 shades of summer at least. Light grey skies, dark grey, sometimes just grey with fog…you catch my drift. Don’t get me wrong, even though I prefer a blue sky, grey is definitely one of my go to colors. 78 more words

His Style