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Watch Uruguay's President Give This Homeless Man Money During a TV Interview

Correction appended: Nov. 27, 2014, 2:25 a.m. E.T.

Uruguayan President José Mujica was talking to journalists in the capital Montevideo on Tuesday night when a homeless man asked him for some change. 86 more words

Uruguayan president responds to panhandler

URUGUAY (CNN) – While talking to journalists Tuesday night, Uruguayan President Jose Mujica was approached by a homeless man asking for money.

“Give me a coin of yours Pepe,” said the man. 45 more words


Hace algunos días que México experimenta la desestabilización a través de su pueblo.

Pero ¿A que nos referimos cuando hablamos de desestabilización?

¿A unos padres de familia que piden una explicación al respecto del paradero de sus hijos, a la sociedad que se les une o al resto del mundo que pide la verdad?… 375 more words

José Mujica: Uruguay's exceptionally humble president

Away from the glitzy seaside resort of Punta del Este and other areas across the water from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, Uruguay is a small and unassuming country, little explored by international tourists and overshadowed in many senses by its larger and more powerful neighbours. 645 more words


Fancy a smoke?: Uruguay's marijuana experiment

Written by Chris Knutsen

Uruguay has become the only country in the world to fully legalise cannabis. This radical move was first proposed by the country’s Defence Ministry in the hope of reducing Uruguay’s rising crime rate. 601 more words


Do You Know ? ~ Who is the Best President On Earth



As I drive along the port at Montevideo in a government pickup on my way to interview Uruguay’s outgoing president, José Mujica, a striking sight catches my eye. 3,220 more words

Jose Mujica, Uruguay's president, offered $1M for 1987 VW Beetle.

 An Example of Servant Leadership by President of Uruguay  (pictured above ) Jose Mujica.

Jose Mujica is the president of Uruguay. Instead of lavish riches and servants, the poorest president in the world donates most of his salary to charity and lives a simple life as a farmer. 488 more words

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