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Jose Pepe Mujica: An Unorthodox President Who has Lived His Ideals - posted 10/13/2014 and published in the Concord Monitor 10/22/2014

This piece appeared in the Concord Monitor on 10/22/2014 under the title “The People’s President.” Jon

Probably there is no more powerful political force on the planet today than cynicism. 1,049 more words

The long game

“So then… this is it?” The faces rarely vary — a real butcher’s blend of realization, disbelief and gloom — when they finally register that a life sentence means bedding down in some form of state custody until your heart stops beating for more than four minutes. 857 more words


Uruguay Advances in the Decentralization of the Generation of Electrical Energy

President Jose Mujica warned yesterday under the closure of a program of wind energy in Uruguay to the United Nations that there approaches a “decentralization” for the generation of electrical generation in the coming years.  365 more words


How Big Tobacco Went To War With A Tiny Country

By Will Freeman

Source: Think Progress

The small South American nation of Uruguay might be forced to pay a heavy price for trying to curb smoking and avert a public health disaster. 572 more words


Marijuana's home away from home

The law says it is illegal. Drinking beer is fine, get your buzz on boys. Just don’t let me catch you with none of that there weed, ya hear. 280 more words


Uruguay's president José Mujica: no palace, no motorcade, no frills |By Jonathan Watts in Montevideo | Friday 13 December 2013

In the week that Uruguay legalises cannabis, the 78-year-old explains why he rejects the ‘world’s poorest president’ label
José Mujica plans adoptions to teach children farming… 1,469 more words