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Tom Friedman: Czar Putin’s Next Moves

New York Times: Last March, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was quoted as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine, supposedly in defense of Russian-speakers there, was just like “what Hitler did back in the ‘30s“ — using ethnic Germans to justify his invasion of neighboring lands. 86 more words

International Relations

Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism

Apparently someone has just compared RT with terrorists (well, to be precise, mentioned RT in the same sentence as ISIS and Boko Haram).

Newly appointed chief of US Broadcasting board of Governors, Andrew Lack mentioned RT in an… 244 more words

This one may be wonky, but you should read it anyway

The Memes of Facebook
Not a day goes by when we fail to see a meme on Facebook condemning one minority group or another.
Yesterday’s jewel consisted of a comparison to how illegal immigrants are treated in North Korea, Afghanistan and Iran with how they are treated in the United States. 315 more words

Humanity in Pictures

Humanity in Pictures

American Poet Walt Whitman, 1868

Mark Twain in 1900



Albert Einstein on a Long Island beach in 1939

Audrey Hepburn… 933 more words