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McCarthy Picked To Star In Tinker Bell Movie Headline Confuses Me

I saw a headline recently mentioning that McCarthy was picked to star in the new Tinker Bell movie. That’s all I saw, just that much information. 151 more words

November 13, 1953: When Red, Red Robin Comes Bobbin' Along

In the early 50s, folks worked themselves up into a real dither searching for Bolsheviks here, there, wherever they may be hiding. There was a commie round every corner; any person you met might be a secret pinko, hoping to lead… 428 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

English 10: The Crucible Intro Cont.

We shared out in our groups the information we had researched regarding our portion of The Crucible webquest. You will turn in all of your webquest notes on Thursday with the rest of the notes we will take then. 32 more words

English 10

English 10: The Crucible Intro

We began the day with a little story time regarding McCarthyism/the Red Scare and the Salem Witch Trials. We even watched this clip from Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail… 115 more words

English 10

The Spy Who Turned His Family In, Dies

An American spy who passed nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union in one of the most high-profile espionage scandals of the Cold War, has died. 489 more words

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Edward R. Murrow: Class and Courage

In my early days of discovering journalism, I watched a movie that would change my perspective of television news anchors forever. That movie was Good Night, and Good Luck… 548 more words