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Disparities in Sensitivity and Vulnerability in the Liberal System

By Julian Strachan ’16 Originally written and published in the 2013-4 edition of the Meridian Journal

In Robert O. Keohane and Joseph S. Nye’s book entitled, Power and Interdependence, the terms “sensitivity,” and “vulnerability” are expressed as ideas surrounding the ability of a state to influence its own affairs within the framework of an interdependent relationship.   1,048 more words


Power (Part 1)

Power, within politics and social sciences is generally defined as ‘the ability to influence the behaviour of others in a manner not of their choosing.’ If A is able to somehow make B behave in a way that B normally would not act, then here one  can say that A has power over B because A has been able to manipulate the behaviour of B which shows that A is the powerful actor in the given situation (Heywood, 2000). 250 more words


Complex interdependence turned around

An interesting analysis in one of the Dutch quality papers today. The analysis was about Russia’s power politics, and especially how it used all kinds of formal and informal tactics in different areas, for example traditional diplomatic canals, covert military action, media, energy politics, espionage, et cetera. 280 more words

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