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Suburban Motherhood is not One-size-fits-all: Kelly & Cal -- A Film Review

What if you didn’t bond with your baby right away? What if after giving birth, your life changes in ways you’re not ready to accept? The motherhood debate has long been a sensitive topic, one which is explored with tact and honesty in… 959 more words


KELLY AND CAL starts Friday, September 26

If anyone can completely and totally embody a depressed former Riot Grrl, and do her own singing as well, it’s Juliette Lewis. In Jen McGowan’s new film… 219 more words


Film Review: Kelly & Cal

If Kelly & Cal had been co-opted by a major studio, cast with marquee stars, say Cameron Diaz and Josh Hutcherson, the result would be nauseating. 699 more words


Kelly & Cal (2014)

This Indie flick tells the story of Kelly (Juliette Lewis), a young suburban housewife, adjusting to her new maternal situation while reminiscing on cooler days as a wild high school punk rocker. 422 more words

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