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Could this be The Thing on the set of 'Fantastic Four'?

Pinch of salt until we know for sure folks, but this photo has been doing the rounds on twitter, apparently showing a prop-bust of The Thing from the set of the Josh Trank’s new Fantastic Four reboot. 87 more words


First Look at The Thing from "Fantastic Four" Reboot

Now, this is by far an official look at the post-transformation Ben Grimm from Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four redo, but JustifiedFiilms claim to have a shot from the set of the film that shows what we can expect The Thing to look like. 140 more words


Why Marvel Studios is Where 'The Fantastic Four' Should Reside

In a world where superhero movies are the heart and soul of the Hollywood box office, it’s odd when one of Marvel’s earliest comic franchises hasn’t seen any time on the big screen for nearly a decade.   921 more words

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Michael B. Jordan Talks About Josh Trank's Take on 'Fantastic Four'

The next movie to hit theaters from Marvel/Fox is the reboot of the “Fantastic Four” directed by Josh Trank. 236 more words



En una nueva entrevista con Kate Mara, la actriz ha hablado sobre su papel de la Mujer Invisible en el nuevo remake de “Fantastic Four”, y ha revelado que la película no se basará en ninguna historia de los cómics. 95 more words

The New 'Fantastic Four' Movie Will Be Completely Ignoring The Comics

“F*ck this silly business.” — Fox

Oh, the new Fantastic Four movie. Sigh. The movie just seems to be from a bygone era where studios didn’t trust the source material with comic book movies and were insistent on making everything hipper, younger and more Mountain Dew-infused. 381 more words


Slow Motion Train Wreck

Over the last few months my hopes of seeing a decent Fantastic Four movie have been crushed. Everything about this project screams “Train wreck.” And now we may know why, here’s what Kate Mara (Sue Storm) had to say to Esquire Latinoamérica: 323 more words