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Chemotherapy Day 2 - Cycle 2

Hello world!

Today I was actually quite surprised, Josh and I managed to get out of the hospital by 12:30pm!!!! Mind you we got in at about 7:30am, but still, 12:30 is like an early mark! 324 more words

My personal 15 Triduum favorites

This year I visited with friends and parted with, “Merry Triduum!” because I wasn’t sure of the correct greeting.

But then a different friend wished me an “Epic Triduum” which fits better, doesn’t it? 1,551 more words


Super Joshua is sneaking into a home, is it yours?

Super Joshua is sneaking into a home, is it yours?
Go see him at ACCT Philly today to find out!

Character designs - Wolverine and the lady dog

Between now and the launch of The Last Viking Returns (Sept 1st, 2014), I’m doing a series of posts showing my rough sketches for all the characters in the book. 201 more words

James Foley

Twisted Easter Bunny

This month’s Sketch Theatre challenge was to create a twisted easter bunny.  Mine ended up being up a bit more whimsically-twisted.  Lot of fun to work on this guy.   14 more words


Easter Sunday, Josh and Aishah on 20th April 2014

This morning Josh spent some time with us, and his great-grandmother again one last time before she goes back to Cape Town. But this time I didn’t get any photos of him with Muriel. 79 more words


Josh trying to do art

Haylie asked me to give some ideas on the different layouts for the different feature pages on our site.  I was just going to do some pen and paper stuff but then decided to break out GIMP and try to do something artsy.   60 more words