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There are amazing memory capacities dormant in all of us

Taking a quite comprehensive course in social sciences I am more than ever in need of some efficient memorizing techniques these days. And while reading and trying to remember the multitude of new terms, categories and subcategories within anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc. 506 more words


10 books that have influenced me

I was prompted recently by a Facebook chain to list the 10 books that have influenced me the most. It was fun to put together the list, and I gave it some thought, so wanted to post it here on the blog also: 104 more words


TED moments!

We love TED, it shares new ideas based on the activity of renown scientists, economists, artists, etc… It makes knowledge more accessible so we are proud to everyday share with you a TED video. 72 more words

Daily Knowledge!

Chronobiology + Psychological Time

Michel Siffre

“In 1962, a French speleologist named Michel Siffre spent two months living in total isolation in a subterranean cave, without access to clock, calendar, or sun. 166 more words


Letters I'll never send: to Joshua Foer (author of "Moonwalking with Einstein")

“Poetry puts a spirit of life and motion into the universe. It describes the flowing, not the fixed. It does not define the limits of sense, or analyze the distinctions of the understanding, but signifies the excess of the imagination beyond the actual or ordinary impression of any object or feeling. 2,167 more words

Moonwalking With Einstein

Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything by Joshua Foer, 2011

Published by Penguin Books

First line: “Dom DeLuise, celebrity fat man (and five of clubs), has been implicated in the following unseemly acts in my mind’s eye: He has hocked a fat globule of spittle (nine of clubs) on Albert Einstein’s thick white mane (three of diamonds) and delivered a devastating karate kick (five of spades) to the groin of Pope Benedict XVI (six of diamonds).” 695 more words