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Is Joshua Tree Dog Friendly?

The short answer is the same as most national parks, which is, not really.  We do, however, go here about twice a year with Sierra because it’s conveniently located about 2 hours from Orange County and still makes for a nice weekend get away.   864 more words


The Peppy Phainopepla

The hard-to-pronounce word (fain-o-PEP-la) is Greek for “shining robe” according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  These unique birds of the Southwest congregate in areas of abundant mistletoe, and they typically eat more than 1,000 of those berries each day. 268 more words


A Journey is a person itself; no two are alike...

The words of John Steinbeck stay steady in my ears. I have always advocated for each traveler to take hold of their own experiences. Gather tips from friends, hear about the greatest places to go and the stops not to be missed, and then chart your own course. 1,137 more words


Joshua Tree National Park

Below are some photos taken from Joshua Tree National Park this weekend. We were able to witness the Geminid Meteor shower which was pretty incredible with meteors every 15-20 seconds streaking across the sky. 833 more words


The Nature of Desolation

As the wind blows free through the desert, meandering through groves of Joshua trees, cacti, and clumps of various Lichen, one can hear its sound; almost an echo.  186 more words

Jackson Hole Exhibition


Four of my paintings are in a new group exhibition at Altamira Fine Art in Jackson Hole, WY opening next week. Check out all of the work for… 58 more words


Visit to Joshua Tree NP

After a great morning bike ride, with a coffee stop in La Quinta Village, it seemed like a good afternoon for a return trip to Joshua Tree National Park. 455 more words