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Joshua Tree (Baked Potato)

This is a photograph from Joshua Tree National Park in the southern California desert. Thought the boulder in the foreground reminded me of a giant baked potato. 19 more words

Joshua Tree: Born on the Wrong Planet

Ah, the desert. There’s something mysterious about it and I’m often in awe of the adaptability of it’s plants and creatures. Desert dwellers thrive in blistering heat and find fascinating ways to conserve moisture and survive in a seemingly unforgivable climate. 308 more words

Colorado Desert

The Milky Way

milky way

This past weekend I had a trip of a life time. Some friends and I drove up to Joshua Tree National Park to look and shoot stars and the Milky Way. 116 more words

Joshua, Gardens, Chvrches, & Haim

On September 17, a Wednesday morning, I woke up at Joshua Tree with Tiffany, Tracy, and Michelle. We had a relaxing time there. It was nice to spend time with these girls. 218 more words

RFTH Mini Episode 2 - U2 Songs of Innocence - Rant/Review

I have a lot to say about U2’s latest album. Find out in my latest podcast rant what you need to know about the band’s ninth record. 29 more words