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8 Months Old

This little beauty is 8 months old and in a new house!

We’ve moved! Back home! To Michigan ya’ll. Yes, I just said ya’ll. It’s a little piece of Texas I brought back with me. 665 more words


Hello, my name is Josie?

Hello, my name is Josie.  :-)  (One of the alters)  Here I thought I had so much to say!  Anyway, I had a dream last night.   714 more words


Josie's story

Forgive me for writing a lot about my dog this week.  She was a close member of the family, a sweet soul full of love.  And words are the way I cope with life; stories are the window through which I experience and analyze the world. 954 more words


Josie in Idyllwild

On our recent trip to Idyllwild, we took Josie for a hike. Here’s an image I took with my phone of her atop a rock looking for where we can venture to next.


Farewell to Josephine

Lost our baby tonight, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.


The Christmas Show

Lower El has been practicing Moving Macaco (find it on YouTube http://youtu.be/OfEBA0kyH-U ) as our holiday song for weeks. Casa, Upper EL, 6th grade and middle school all did different songs to celebrate Christmas. 201 more words


Prayers for JoJo

The vet just found a tumor on the liver of my poor baby Josie.  She’s been a great friend for more than 15 years, 49 more words