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A Much Earlier Weekly Diary


Today did not go as the Victorian school room of children in my head thought it would. I planned to go out very early in the morning but I was surprised to discover that it was raining so hard the water had condensed into glass containers holding extinct snakes pickled in vinegar. 405 more words


My Diary

I had to make an unplanned trip to the fungal growth town to get a tube of lipstick for a many mouthed monster who had pushed its face through our living room wall – knocking off a number of photographs of me as a child with a scale model of the Graf Spee emerging from my navel in the process. 79 more words


Illustrating my stupidity

Once again I think I’ve demonstrated why I can’t be trusted with meds. As my last post suggested, last night was pretty rough, and I eventually decided I wanted to overdose on something and knock myself out (I don’t have enough pills around to go any further). 453 more words


A Submissive's Journey - 28 July 2014

It is still somewhat early here, 8:25am to be exact. This week I am on vacation and soon we will be leaving to meet my friend and spend a couple days with her. 670 more words

A Submissive's Journey

My plans for this blog:

So I’m just trying to get together some general plans on what I’m going to do with this blog. As of now it’s mainly just a journal to keep track of what I’m thinking and feeling in the two weeks up to being induced but I plan on doing a lot more with it. 423 more words


Motivation --ME -- Monday

Happy Monday!

I said, I wasn’t gonna blog this week! I was just Kidding! LOL

I have a successful week all planned out! I CAN do this!! 245 more words

we already have everything...

I’ve interpreted today’s reading as being about excepting myself for who I am and embracing it.
All too often we are caught up in trying to improve ourselves. 42 more words