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#100happydays - Day 62-64 (honeymoon phase)

I count down the days…

looking forward to seeing your face.

You have the kindest eyes

and you breathe out words

that melt my dear heart


Random Short Post; It says more about them than you!

This is for a personal friend of mine who follows my blog…little did you know you were going to inspire this article aye girlie? hehe. 352 more words


Hat souvenir from Disneyland

I liked the design but after I got it, I fell in love with it because it’s pretty baggy! (Or big… Or… Same thing!)
Considering the fact that my head is pretty big too. 22 more words


Bitch body slammed into me...

Lol, okay, so Disneyland is supposed to be a happy, and magical place. But it seemed like some people just got up from the wrong side of the bed or something! 492 more words


Yay just finished planning/calculating

I know it’s pretty late but after that shower, I’m not that tired after all.
I just finished calculating how much money I should spend. 132 more words


No Voice

For a long time there were certain things I never spoke about to anyone, and I do mean anyone.

Growing up in a household where nothing more serious was discussed than what chores needed to be done next, or if it was time to take a shower, or get ready for bed or dressed to go somewhere, or what things to pack for our summer vacation.. 1,950 more words

A Submissive's Journey

My cover band journey

Ok so I have a month and a half to learn about 15 or more songs. I am trying out for a cover band that my buddy is in, that friend used to play in my original band. 153 more words