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Journal Entry 08.27.2014

Actually I’m not sure just what day it is, except Wednesday; that’s when we have trash picked up in the neighborhood.  I’m on vacation and it would appear somewhat of a spiritual retreat. 989 more words

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Senior Project Research - Days 1 and 2 (8/26 - 8/27)

Today, and yesterday I researched different companies that would help me in creating an application that will allow users to access said application for personal use. 89 more words

Journal Entries


It’s the fag end of August and I’m on the prowl, times are lean and my stomach is rumbling.

This is for my fellow lions and feline relations. 1,292 more words


No water, Jamaica?

I understand that all relationships pass through the honeymoon phase where things are almost perfect. And I may have overlooked some of Jamaica’s quirks. But now, I’m starting to get annoyed of being deprived of a basic necessity-water. 342 more words


Journal Entry: Minotaurian Riddle, and Novel Opener

Journal entry, 8/26/14: Minotaur proposed the following riddle this evening: “Two brides, two dresses, two grooms, two cakes, two bouquets, two diamond rings. What is it?” (Answer is written backwards below.) 108 more words

Journal Entries

traveling light

It seems as if I am always leaving. Leaving friends/family/loved ones behind to “move on with my life”, wherever it takes me. Do I leave behind a trail-of-tears and broken hearts–or blessings? 150 more words

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Why Go to College If You Hate to Learn?

Hey y’all! Today, I had originally planned on writing about healthy eating habits to adopt for college; however, after my very first day as a college girl…I decided there was something much more important that needed to be written…something that has been bugging me for a long time. 357 more words

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