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journal excerpt.

my worst enemy is…me. i am the biggest barrier to my success. nothing and no one else. i had an epiphany/revelation/whateverthefuckyouwannacallit last year: 165 more words


journal excerpt.

“[...] these thoughts have been running through my head for months but i’ve been scared to write them down because it means they’re real and weren’t temporary and didn’t go away when i wished them to. 307 more words


Journal Journeys: The Giraffes of the City

Thus begins my series, ‘Journal Journeysl’. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be publishing exactly that, with accompanying pictures when possible.

Wednesday, 16th of July, 2014… 150 more words


journal excerpt.

“…i really opened this journal to write about how motherhood affects how you see yourself. it’s bad enough being a perfectionist; being a mother makes it 1,913,000,000 times worse, b/c you want to be the perfect mom AND still be the perfect version of your previous self. 107 more words


A Personal Battle, A Proud Heart and A Prayer

Have you ever felt depressed at one point of your life? July to August last year (2013), when I felt so depressed, as much as I want to be optimistic and look at beautiful things instead, it doesn’t just work. 872 more words

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