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Comfort Zone- Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Something I have been and will continue to work on is to work on stretching my comfort zone. In order to really grow in our lives we have to have a certain willingness to be uncomfortable (something I pretty much try to avoid at all times!) 69 more words

Journaling Prompts

More from Dorm Days aka What Happens in College Stays in College

“She carries in the candles,

And lights the curtained room,

Shy in the doorway

And shy in the gloom”- Yeats


Always walking around with a sketch pad…. 1,772 more words


Writing Prompts - Optional


1. Describe your family in as much detail as possible. What does each person look like?  Describe each person’s personality.

2. What do you wish school were like?   399 more words

ESL Writing

Looking ahead - Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

This year is FLYING by! I mean were we not just in February! There are only about 5 months left in this year. 136 more words

Journaling Prompts

Keeping a Journal

I started writing in a journal a little over a year ago, right after completing a project on Frida Kahlo which consisted of reading her collected journals and realizing that a journal doesn’t have to start with “Dear Diary”.   502 more words

Memoir Excerpts-Those Lonely Times

I was alone in my studio on a Saturday night. Nothing much was going on and I didn’t want to be the awkward third person in the dorm room I shared with Laurie. 1,059 more words

Writing For Healing

What if... Soul Notes

What if you..

  • Did it anyways
  • Showed up
  • Let Go
  • Moved through “what will they think” into how will I feel
  • Sought out laughter.. daily (bonus points if you laugh so much you giggle snort!)
  • 74 more words