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Good question! What happened to the funding?

Today we will look at the changing status of funding. Source: CHCC Website

9 February 2012: Broader Economic Implications… 266 more words



I have been sat with the computer in front of me most of the evening and still managed to leave it to the last minute to type anything on here! 705 more words


How to- put a Christmas tree together in less than a minute

This year that happened. Yes I put my tree together in less than a minute. You’re skeptical, I understand… But this is how it happened. … 132 more words


early dreams

these are the very first entries i made so initial dreams are short and not really that interesting as dream recall is minimal when first starting out all though i did achieve lucidity quite early into starting to record them… 1,963 more words

Letter Reversals

Good Morning and Happy Friday lovely Daisy family,

I have had many parents concerned about letter reversals, or even just wondering whether they should be concerned. 107 more words


August 12th

It ends just as it began. Japan remains a mystery, a half scratched crossword puzzle, a book only lightly read, the spine still in perfect condition. 296 more words