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Sample 10:32 or three or 24

Sometimes, when I surprise myself
by thinking of something I’d honestly like to do before
the idea gets placed into my own
dogmatic social acceptability “circular file” I… 269 more words

Four Ways to Enjoy Long Runs

Runners often have a love/hate relationship with the long run. We love the sense of accomplishment we feel when it’s over; we hate the anticipation of actually getting out there. 24 more words


Truffled Capellini w Shrimps

When it comes to cooking and baking with oil, it’s all about finding Mr Right. With the amount of choices we have now, it can be be quite the overload. 219 more words


Denali Foldager is running on the road to recovery

Denali Foldager gets a little better every day, and that’s enough. There are occasional moments when gloom creeps in, but she knows she can fight her way out and summon the light again, as she has before. 7 more words



Hello, you! As with anything, it is appropriate to begin with a brief introduction…right? What fun it will be to publish my thoughts here. If per chance, you should read this, it will serve to strengthen my resolve to continue posting. 106 more words


Journal: The Creative Life & How I Write

The best writing advice ever is something you’ll hear from all the pros — figure out your rituals, use the space you have well instead of waiting for the perfect space, and most of all, write regularly. 336 more words


2014: Seven dot Twenty-Three

July 23, 1995 - Comet Hale–Bopp was discovered.


A scratching pad, cat-nips and a cat; well, you can’t see the cat-nips.

Taken with Canon EOS 60D… 22 more words