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Manasseh 1


For thou art the God, even the God of them that repent; and in me thou wilt shew all thy goodness: for thou wilt save me, that am unworthy, according to thy great mercy.

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Love? Or something like it....

So my blog posts keep getting farther between. My work life is consuming everything I do so I don’t have much to say lately, or maybe I have so much to say I can’t even begin to explain whats going on. 1,124 more words


A leaning tower and some scaffolding

Sorry for the silence on my end– it’s hard to keep up between the incredibly slow wifi at our current hotel and the exhaustion from all the sightseeing. 304 more words


Books: January - July

I haven’t posted an update on what I’m reading lately. I was just going to include the last two month’s, but then I thought I may as well post what I’ve recorded and finished to date, since it’s not that many. 978 more words


Piriformis Syndrome: A Real Pain in the Butt for Runners

Ouch! Piriformis syndrome is a painful and sometimes serious injury that causes pain around the hip joint and the buttocks.

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Running 5 Minutes a Day Has Long-Lasting Benefits

Running for as little as five minutes a day could significantly lower a person’s risk of dying prematurely, according to a large-scale new study of exercise and mortality. 6 more words