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4 Reasons You Need To Keep A Journal

I have been journaling since I was in my very early twenties. I may have periodically done it before that point, but it has been a regular part of my life for at least the last fifteen years. 419 more words

Writing Down the Stones

Writing Down the Stones

Ok well this s interesting never heard of the process before it is worth a try I always like experimenting reminds me of writing down the bones hope I can get in touch with some things not on the surface but deep under why did I write that I am not wanting to go under the deep water of myself I am a fish that likes just swimming at the top but really in order to truly find out what is going in inside I have to go inside it is like a microscope and setting it on a lens that can see what no other lens can see what is in that drop of water that I call life deep in the drop of water like an ocean.. 345 more words

Art And Aspiration

King of Sorrow

I wonder will this grief ever be gone, will it ever go? – Sade

Listening to my favorite song, sluggish to get anything done or move anywhere, I wonder when this will all be over and far enough away. 171 more words


Spring - Assurances of

So yes, in the past couple of days I have discovered several signs of Spring. In Calgary yesterday I saw a robin outside my B&B window.   349 more words


Always Having Something to Say

One of the things I love about writing is that you always have something to say. You’re always writing whether or not you have a pen in your hand or a keyboard at your fingertips. 368 more words


Morning Pages as a Daily Practice

Morning Pages is a wonderful daily practice getting in touch with where you are and where you want go and when how to go there that comes from inside you and no one else. 11 more words

Nothing Great was ever Achieved without Enthusiasm.

Ralph Waldo Emerson