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Writing is fun!

In our Language Arts class we write in a variety of ways. Often times we write in response to something we have read. We also write arguments and research essays. 139 more words


Chasing the Sunset and CDA Theme for August...

Tonight was the first time I made it outside just in time to capture the sunset. The sun was a perfect golden ball at the horizon and the mosquitoes were fierce… a couple of images and it was time to head inside. 202 more words

Creativity Update

Half of a Watermelon

I open the fridge; the scarcity of contents makes its light appear so much brighter than usual. I look at an entire half of a watermelon, left open and exposed on the shelf for who knows how long– my father’s work. 471 more words



Wow, I just had quite a few people follow/like my blog. What is wrong with you? But in all seriousness, thank you very much! I appreciate it very much. 287 more words

July 30th

How far back into the past will you have to delve to answer this one?

Prompt 30

What was the most difficult thing you have ever learnt to do? 42 more words


Commonplace Books - What They Are and Reasons to Keep One

What is a commonplace book?  Well, it seems that it is something that I’ve kept most of my life.  It isn’t a journal or diary or travel log; it is far different than those.   1,373 more words