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My website turns four, we'll accept your feedback as a gift

So 2014 is the year my website/blog/whatever this is officially turns four! I would like to make some changes around here. I’m in the process of launching another blog devoted entirely to “humorously” documenting my various adventures and misadventures, from a solo trip toMemphis, Tennessee, to my very own apartment tucked away on the UES. 377 more words


Interns should be paid!

By Christopher B. Daly 

The unpaid internship is a social evil. If a business is willing to have someone in the workplace and let them anywhere near work, then they should pay. 144 more words


Don’t fight each other, that’s what the system wants. Fight the system.

…….so said Lynn Povich (who, along with others, sued Newsweek for sexual discrimination in 1970) at a conference I recently attended on women in media. 24 more words


Perks of the job

Yesterday, I drove to work the same route I take everyday, but this time there was something different. On the side of the road, a man was sitting with a sign leaning against his legs, advertising ‘Work Wanted’, and his phone number. 167 more words


"Blindsided," Chapter 13

Mom and Dad will be disappointed with me for smoking again, but that’s the least of my worries.

Besides, Dad has a three-pack-a-day habit and Mom one. 2,128 more words


Truth-Seeking In The Age Of Speculation - by LINTON WEEKS April 10, 2014 11:13 AM ET

Pieter van Marion/Flickr

The marvel-filled Information Age is also turning out to be the muddled-up Epoch of Conjecture. The Era of Error.

Seemingly, we know everything. 317 more words