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The berth of Tennessee's "Legacy Class"

“The Legacy Class.”

For die-hard Tennessee Volunteer fans, those three words embody the hope of their football team’s return to national prominence after four gut-wrenching years of inept coaching and losing records. 534 more words

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Ticket, Citation Prices on the Rise in Knox County

“And recruits aren’t going to be required to have legible writing, is that right?”

Those were words uttered jokingly by the City of Knoxville’s Mayor Madeline Rogero, in response to Knoxville Police Department’s proposed $5 increase in traffic citations to fund a new e-ticketing system. 226 more words

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UT Journalism Professor Harmon tells all

“If it weren’t for Greg McKendry’s broad body, I probably would not be alive.”

Those were words spoken by Dr. Mark Harmon, a University of Tennessee Journalism professor, last Monday morning as he chatted with a group of UT students about his career in the fields of journalism and politics. 209 more words

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UT Journalism Professor Discusses Media, Enlightens Audience

Dr. Ed Caudill, a Journalism Professor at the University of Tennessee, spoke to a crowd of roughly 50 people on Wednesday afternoon at the East Tennessee Historic Center as part of the Books Sandwiched In series put on by the Knoxville Public Library. 250 more words

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Del Toro’s Beauty and the Beast could’ve been the start of something big

We lament Guillermo del Toro jumping ship from Beauty and the Beast, and what could’ve been for fairytale movies.

So there it was. The news that we all dreaded, Guillermo del Toro announced that he had dropped out of directing Disney’s live action take on the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast. 647 more words