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My students will learn about interactive storytelling tools, but I won't teach them

I told faculty of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in January that one of their most important jobs was to help students learn for themselves how to use new tools. 1,916 more words

Journalism Education

An open letter to Sharri Markson

The Australian‘s media editor, Sharri Markson, caused a storm this week when her newspaper published an “undercover” expose of alleged left-wing bias in two of the nation’s premier journalism programs at the University of Sydney (USYD and the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS) 1,781 more words

A Work in Progress

Welcome to BloodDiseaseDestination.com, a site intended to deliver information to a broad audience on blood cancers and the people who are battling them, beating them and treating them. 89 more words

Blood Cancer

In the court of the Sun King, truth plays second fiddle to the gospel of Murdochracy

There is a fifth dimension; a parallel universe that revolves around a decrepit, dying and dangerous orb of hot gasses that is liable to frequent explosions raining down hot solar gusts of bile and venom on any random planetary object that displeases the ancient Sun King. 1,687 more words

Celebrities, Whores And Losers

Making of a Rebel Journalist: Blowback comes with the job

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“Thish ish Harry Carey from Wrigley Field…” For too many years this seemed out of place to baseball purists, like Lenny Bruce saying Mass at St. 272 more words


Lab 5 for COM 210 (women)

Here is Thursday’s Lab No. 5 assignment sheet. This concerns the transcript and profile (feature story) about Sunday’s visitor to lecture: 6 more words

Journalism Education

Journalism Education Has a Future

The field of journalism education is changing, just as the field of journalism is changing but the need for people who can communicate continues because the hunger for information continues. 436 more words