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"Palestinians have sufficient opportunity to relocate to any number of locations marked for imminent aerial strikes"

Describing unfolding horrors like the Israel-Hamas conflict defeats punditry. At best wrong they’re often gauche and stupid and precipitate if not offensive. Then there’s this… 124 more words

The Limerick Voice


Newspaper and online publication created by the 2013/4 final year BA Journalism and New Media students and Journalism Masters students at University of Limerick. 10 more words


On departing as an External Examiner

For the past four years I have served as an external examiner at Cardiff University’s Journalism School. I have looked after the law and public admin parts of the MA and postgrad diploma there. 322 more words

Active descriptions are key to believable characters; Activia descriptions are not

Around here, Fridays are reserved for my Nickel’s Worth on Writing, when I take the literary landfill of experience I’ve gained from 15 years as a newspaper columnist and break it down into handfuls of writing compost that… 1,356 more words


Two Pennsylvania Parents Get a Slap on the Wrist for Locking Their Child in the Trunk of Their Car to Diminish His Fear of the Dark

I’ve heard of some horrendous parents in my lifetime and this story brings two more to mind.

PITTSBURGH Pa. (Reuters) – A western Pennsylvania couple, accused of luring their five-year-old son into the trunk of their car with candy to resolve his fear of the dark, was granted probation this week, according to court officials on Friday. 526 more words


Integrity in Journalism

Watergate. Iran-Contra. Monica Lewinsky’s cum-stained dress.

The above are good examples of what journalism and news used to be. No listicles. No aggregation. Just trained and educated journalists reporting the facts (and… 530 more words


Neighbor Killed Over a Tree Dispute

I love bizarre news stories. I’m sick of reading about how president Obama sucks or about some drug deal gone wrong. Gets old quick. Today I got a gem of a story off of… 850 more words