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Traffic Laws

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This is part one of what I believe will be three. I hate driving but even more so I hate other drivers. So I’ve decided to vent but with facts and stubborn opinions to back me up. 782 more words


6 Android apps for becoming a low-budget journalist

Journalists are often lectured about the implications of “disruption” on their profession. Many of these lectures come from cultural vandals, who haven’t read anything deeper than a press release since the 1990s and who think Google and Amazon are champions of content rather than free-riders upon it. 556 more words


Best way to pay rent in the 21st Century: Don't write for free

I’m amazed and concerned every time I hear another writer (or at the least they consider themselves a writer) solicit this advice to younger writers: 1,872 more words

Hey Ma, I'm done changing my major!

It’s April 2014, and I had just entered into month nine of being a journalism major. As a junior in college, it was a terrifying prospect—even though I had… 1,245 more words


Video: Mark Regev, deciphered

This one has been published in Mondoweiss:

This is good. The video above was created by Alex Nunns, who subtitled a BBC interview with Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev. 18 more words


What is The Purpose of Journalism?

Journalism is an important part of a functioning democratic society. Journalism is responsible for holding the government and other important social institutions accountable to its duties and promises by informing the public of newsworthy affairs/scandals. 80 more words


Public Diary: Late

The Public Diary is a place for me to update you on the challenge and my life, to vomit words onto the page without much thought (a.k.a. 323 more words