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Jail or no jail

Let’s pretend for a moment I’ve written a groundbreaking, important story instead of the usual garbage I write about politics and basketball.  In this bit of prose, I manage to report actual news, and CNN sends me an email asking if they can run my story.   613 more words


Reactionary Political Movements: Gamergate Edition

This post continues the discussion about political movements from last time, specifically positive vs negative/reactionary movements.  My main contention was modern positive movements that stand on their own are more desirable than reactionary movements that stand in need of a specific oppressor in order to exist… 2,999 more words


Opinion: On GamerGate

Over the last few months, a line has been drawn in the sand. On one side of that line are the gaming press and on the other are the proponents of a very loosely defined movement – operating under the hashtag ‘GamerGate’ – campaigning for greater transparency in the dealings of the mainstream games media. 956 more words

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Am I Mad? Episode 34: Video Game Derp Is Worse Than Old Person Derp

This week Alison Lührs joins me to discuss our generation’s apathy towards midterm elections and also how Gamergate is a load of bullshit that obviously has nothing to do with journalism ethics. 60 more words

"Am I Mad?" Podcast Episodes

Did the Guardian Act Unethically in Whisper Expose? A Twitter Debate.

Here’s a really interesting debate that has been playing out on Twitter over the past couple days, over a recent story in the Guardian saying the anonymous messaging app Whisper was tracking users’ locations without their permission. 779 more words


Opinion: YouTubers, Journalistic Ethics, and the Murky Waters of Taking Money for Game Coverage

Popular YouTuber and game critic John Bain, aka Totalbiscuit, recently revealed that YouTubers were being offered early PC review copies of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor… 524 more words

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Journalism: Focus on Climate Change

As examined by Ward, during a time where there has been dramatic changes to the mainstream media landscape challenges are beginning to arise. These challenges are often related to journalistic ethics or the  339 more words